Dan Tres OMi

Educator, Capoeirista, Podcaster, and Hip Hop Diplomat

Born and bred in NYC, Dan Tres OMi began b-boying at the tender age of 6. He left NYC in 1990 and joined the US Navy and traveled throughout the world. He settled in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and became head of Solar Flare Chapter of the Universal Zulu Nation (UZN) between 1999 until 2003. With the members of UZN, he helped to build a hip hop and a spoken word community in the seven cities that make up Hampton Roads. Dan Tres OMi, organized, hosted, and Djed several events throughout the seven cities. While running the UZN chapter in the Hampton Roads area, he helped start Elemental Renaissance and became a mentor via the Imani Foundation. Dan Tres Omi was an editor at Elemental Renaissance Magazine and an associate producer of PHatLip! 4.2 Youth Radio at WNSU FM. He co-founded Capoeira Uhuru Association (CUA) in 2003. In 2007, Dan Tres OMi moved to Dayton, Ohio. In 2010, he founded Dayton Capoeira (DC). In 2013, Dan Tres OMi started the Gem City Zulu chapter of the UZN. He published his first book, “Is that Breakdance Fighting?: My Take on Capoeira.” In 2015, he began his two week residency for Next Level, USA. For the 2016-2017 school year, Dan Tres OMi co wrote a curriculum on Social Justice for middle schoolers. In the fall of 2017, Dan Tres OMi launched the podcast “Where My Killa Tape At?!”

Dan Tres Omi holds a Bachelors in History from Old Dominion University. He currently lives with his partner and 3 children in Dayton, Ohio.

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